Preparing for Action

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Sorry it’s been a bit since my last useful post. My family and I just finished moving to a new place and all of my notes for future projects have all been in storage. Now I have them, so I plan on getting the ball rolling on making progress. There’s a lot to do, so a plan is always necessary.

On the right of the page is the list of my current projects. The one that’s the highest priority right now is “Soldiers of Fortune” so that’s what in all likelihood I’ll be updating you on the most as far as personal projects go.

The other one is “Hindsight.” With that one, the updates will more likely than not be about taking the finished script and breaking it down for potential production.

One side note: My old computer with all of my software (Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc.) is in the midst of dying. More specifically, the hard drive is failing. Having been without employment for nine months make replacing the parts a more trying task.

The unemployment has been intentional, however. I was going to utilize a year or so to write a few spec scripts before once again gaining employment so I could save up to move to Los Angeles. My parents’ decision to move to North Carolina did upset that plan, but when you’re living rent-free (for now, anyway) you aren’t left with a whole ton of options.

I am planning a computer build in the near future, and that project I will most likely document on here as well. (An editing/authoring machine — it’s been in the works for a few years now) I will most likely have to get a job here in Madison before the move to North Carolina to start saving up. I’m hoping in the free time I have, I will be able to fine-tune my screenwriting process and figure out how to utilize what little time I’ll have to maximize results.

Right now, this week and next are going to be devoted to getting 100% settled in to the new apartment, and getting my head back into the screenwriting game. In the near future, you should expect a few more films dissected for screenwriting tips to be gained from them.

I’m thinking these will focus on the lower budget (in my mind) spectrum of filmmaking. IE, what I can put into the low budget feature script that I can shoot locally and still have the project kick ass. Right now, I’m thinking of looking at the first three features directed by Tarantino, for starters.

There are some other really good titles in mind, but I’ll discuss them later. So I’ll beg your indulgence, since this week will be a little slow.

Until next time, Movie Buffs.


Check Out What I’m Working On

Each of my projects listed on the right is now linked to a full description of each project.

These will be updated as I work on each of them. Right now, most, if not all, of the notes for each project are packed up for the move this next week, so please bear with me. In the meantime, enjoy!

Welcome to the Blog!

Greetings Film Buffs and welcome to the blog!

This chunk of web space is dedicated to the craft of screenwriting. As you can tell, I’m a screenwriter. Sort of. I’m not a professional. Yet. All that means is that I haven’t gotten paid to write. And in my mind, rightly so. I’ve been writing since 2010 and only now am I recognizing several strategies to help improve my writing.

A big help comes from Carson Reeve over at scriptshadow. If you haven’t been to his site, do so immediately. What you’ll find is a series of reviews, article, tips and plain old common sense. What I mean by that last part is calling attention to things in movies that you wouldn’t normally notice as a storytelling device or a really good example of a character trait.

This blog serves as a means for me to kick myself into high gear as a screenwriter. To explain: a site like this requires constant attention and therefor, the act of updating it will keep my mind on the craft, and not become sidetracked, as it has in the past.

Thanks to extraneous sites, I have been able to view films in a different light and gain more knowledge from them than I normally would. It is these views and techniques I hope to share with you on a regular basis. You may also expect reviews of movies, recommendations for new films you may not have seen and so forth.

This blog is meant to document a journey from a novice writer to whatever end destination I should arrive at. I hope you’ll join me for the ride.